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industrial painting west palm beachMany industrial painting projects fail because clients don’t take their time to know what the task needs in terms of professionalism and work approach. You need someone who understands the scope of the job, like our team at PBC Painters. That’s why we are committed to delivering industrial painting services with a professional touch to ensure your project ends up successful. 

If your business or industry is in need of industrial painting in West Palm, FL, we have you covered. Included in our industrial painting service is Floor Painting, Line Painting, Exterior Painting, Interior Painting, and more!

Whenever you require a professional painter in West Palm Beach, FL, give us a call today!

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Types of Industrial Painting Services:

Industrial painting services apply to different environments. It can be in food manufacturing plants to auto sectors. In each category, you only expect the best. For that reason, choosing a professional painting company comes in handy. We understand what you want and guarantee the best results. Let’s have a close look at some types of industrial painting services that you can expect from us.


Industrial Protective Painting:

Industrial environments require quality protective painting due to the kind of elements that they are exposed to. That’s why we would recommend protective paints that have good adhesion, excellent water resistance, and can withstand your specific environment.

Our team will start with a detailed assessment of the situation on the ground and recommend the best painting to guarantee lasting protection. With extensive experience, we are confident that we will pick the best coating and painting techniques that suit your industrial environment.


Specialty Equipment Painting:

Industrial equipment requires unique paintings. We use our best team to facilitate the tasks since we understand the value of your equipment to the business. Painting industrial equipment doesn’t only requires skills, but it also involves the use of special painting equipment such as scaffolding, boom lifts, scissor lifts, among others. We take pride in having a team with adequate training needed to ensure safety in their delivery of services, and this ensures there are no issues as work progress.

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Concrete Coating:

Many manufacturing plants and industrial facilities prefer concrete floors due to their exceptional features. At times, they’ll need painting to keep the environment perfect for various processes.  With our quality concrete coatings, we help in maintenance and appearance practices. We use coatings such as epoxy, joint expansion repair, anti-slip, antimicrobial, among other industrial concrete flooring coatings. You do not have to worry about the results once you hire us. Our team of painters has the necessary skills and certification needed for such service


Tank Coating:

Industrial storage, bins, and silos are created for various purposes. Therefore, it is necessary to have the right preparation and coating to ensure the longevity of the tanks and reduce their maintenance need. With our exceptional reputation in tank coating, we are confident of delivering quality services as per your expectations. We comply with all applicable codes and regulations related to tank coating.


Piping Systems:

Hardly would you find an industry without a piping system. Such systems require a lot of attention since they serve different purposes. With that in mind, painting the piping system is crucial. Will the pipes have varying shapes, it’s extremely hard to carry out painting, not unless you involve a professional. Each piping system calls for various paints and painting techniques, which we can proudly select for you.

Industrial Painter painting a metal piece

The Best Industrial Painting Service In West Palm, FL

Our team will help you create a unique design for your project to meet your requirements. Again, we work closely with you to ensure the decision made reflects your needs. The move helps in revealing your unique industrial identity, saves you money, and gives a boost to your investment. If you need exceptional industrial painting services for your next industrial painting project, get in touch today for project estimation, consultations, and much more.